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Draft Horse Western Riding Saddle
Draft Horse Western Riding Saddle
 $599.00  $549.00 
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Draft horse saddle # 4024 BLACK
Draft horse saddle # 4024 BLACK
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Product Name Model Price  
12 Passenger Sleigh by Robert Carriages $5,500.00 
3 Seat Sleigh by Robert Carriages $3,275.00 
Amish beta horse - haflinger buggy harness with hames $398.00 
Amish biothane draft team harness1007 $995.00 
Amish biothane draft team harness1007 $995.00 
Amish draft team parade harness1008 $1,490.00 
Amish made Australian neoprene shock absorbing saddle padneopad1 $55.00 
Amish made Beta holdback straps1002 $25.00 - $30.00 
Amish made black Ultimate draft horse bridle $119.00 
Amish made Brodhead adjustable harness collar $128.00 
Amish made Brodhead adjustable harness collar $128.00 
Amish made Custom made draft horse bridle1062 $65.00 
Amish made Custom made draft horse leather breastcollar1063 $95.00 
Amish made draft horse decorative halter BLACK Beauty $29.00 
Amish made draft horse decorative halter RED Beauty $29.00 
Amish made Ultimate brown draft horse bridle $119.00 
Amish mini miniature horse beta harness collar & hames $450.00 - $495.00 
Amish mini miniature horse beta harness collar & hames $450.00 
Amish nylon - beta draft horse harness with hames $435.00 
Amish nylon - beta draft horse harness with hames $435.00 
Australian Bushrider Premium stock saddle1029 $429.00 
Australian contour fleece pocket pad1014 $47.95 
Australian fleece/felt saddle pad1013 $58.00 
Australian halter/bridle - deluxe1015 $65.00 
Australian leather halter bridle combination1022 $55.00 
Australian pocket pad - hunter green1017 $35.00 
Australian premium leather saddle bag1024 $39.50 
Australian Rancher1030 $429.00 
Australian Stockman Duster - Black or Brown1087 $119.00 
Australian Stockrider Saddle-Black1032 $295.00 
Bell strap - 20 bells 6 ft strap1001 $59.95 
Beta team reins with rubber grips1009 $79.95 
Beta team reins with rubber grips and stainless hardware1009 $79.95 
Biggest strap of 29 sleigh bells1003 $280.00 
Biothane combination harness breast and collar style $750.00 
Biothane single draft harness1010 $549.00 
Brass Australian Stirrup Irons1018 $25.00 
Breastplate - Australian with martingale1019 $30.00 
Breastplate -double pouch with water bottles1020 $49.95 
BROWN Haflinger team beta biothane hame style harness. $950.00 
BROWN horse team beta biothane hame style harness. $950.00 
Bushmaster Australian Stock Saddle1033 $299.00 
Carriage Lamps All Stainless 12 volt1048 $250.00 
Cashel Crusader Fly Mask - Standard2222 $19.50 
Commander Dressage Saddle - Draft Size1069 $299.00 
Crupper - brown or black leather1021 $30.00 
Custom made Hearse by Robert Carriageshearse $7,500.00 
Draft horse 7" D-ring snaffle bit with copper rollers1055 $35.00 
Draft horse 6.5 inch butterfly bit for riding or driving1054 $49.99 
Draft horse 6.5 inch Tom Thumb Bit - stainless steel1059 $35.00 
Draft horse 6" or 7" O-ring snafflebit1056 $23.00 
Draft horse australian breastplate Australian $45.00 
Draft Horse Australian halter bridle combination1081 $75.00 
Draft horse Australian saddle by Sydney Saddleworks1076 $379.00 
Draft horse Australian saddle-BLACK1077 $379.00 
Draft Horse beta breastpull harness Amish made $495.00 
Draft Horse beta breastpull harness Amish made $495.00 
Draft horse biothane combination harness $750.00 
Draft horse bit 6.5 " butterfly curb bit1057 $35.00 
Draft Horse black show saddle4011show $649.00 
Draft horse deluxe stainless curb bit with curb chain $35.00 
Draft Horse Diamond Spot Parade Harness $795.00 
Draft horse diamond team parade harness $1,490.00 
Draft horse English padded leather girth roller buckles1073 $45.00 
Draft Horse English Riding Saddle Black1070 $299.00 
Draft Horse English Riding Saddle - Chestnut1072 $299.00 
Draft Horse Icelandic Endurance Saddle1074 $299.00 
Draft horse riding saddle-London Tan1071 $299.00 
Draft Horse round skirt tooled western saddle $549.00 
Draft horse saddle # 4024 BLACK4022 $549.00 
Draft Horse Spanish Bridle with Mosquero1588 $99.00 
Draft horse team biothane show harness brass fittings $1,490.00 
Draft horse team biothane show harness with brass decoration $1,490.00 
Draft Horse Trail Saddle1086 $549.00 
Draft horse ultimate black silver show saddle $849.00 
Draft horse waterproof 1200 denier sheet $99.95 
Draft horse waterproof insulated turnout blanket 1200 denier1145 $149.00 
Draft horse western curb bit 6.5 inch1058 $40.00 
Draft Horse Western Riding Saddle1083 $599.00  $549.00 
Draft Horse western saddle 4024 BROWN $549.00 
Draft Horse Western Show Saddle1085 $649.00 
Draft size cowboy bridle and reins1064 $69.95 
Draft Stockrider Endurance Saddle1079 $379.00 
Eagle 12 volt carriage lights $350.00 
Easy entry cart mini size single tree $35.00 
Easy entry cart seat brackets powder coated set of 2 $35.00 
Easy entry cart single tree bracket mini and horse size $30.00 
Economy draft horse curb bit 6", 6.5", 7" $19.95 
Endurance Style Black Treeless Saddle1143 $299.00 
Endurance style blue treeless saddle1144 $299.00 
English draft bridle with flash and Euro rubber grip reins1065 $78.00 
Equitation Show Saddle Package lane Fox1098 $399.00 
Euro Brollar Sport Collar Horse SizeEuro $250.00 - $295.00 
European Military Draft Horse Patrol Saddle1130 $289.00 
Feather plume for bridle1004 $25.00 
Frame only mini size easy entry cart $190.00 
Frontier Equestrian mini pony wagonette carriage $3,200.00 
Frontier marathon wagonette XL carriage $3,900.00 
Frontier Mini Pleasure wagonette 1 or 2 horse drawn $2,980.00 
Frontier Mini pony size lightweight wagonette pleasure carriageCapriool $1,600.00 
Frontier mini pony Traverse lightweight marathon style carriageTraverse $1,200.00 
Full Size Stainless Speculum1111 $249.00 
Full Team Set Biothane Show Harness $2,500.00 
Genuine Stockman's oilskin duster - brown1088 $119.00 
Girth - Australian heavy leather draft1080 $45.00 
Haflinger beta biothane harness with spots $495.00 
Haflinger saddle Ascot International1099 $249.00 
Heavy Brodhead harness COLLARS1012 $119.00 
Heavy English snafflebridle-with flash1100 $49.95 
Heavy horse harness1107 $199.00 
Horse head hitching post cast aluminum1113 $135.00 
Horse size driving cart easy entry1117 $399.00 
Horse size easy entry cart custom wheels with motorcycle tires $599.00 
Horse size Sport Harness with Euro Brollar Collar $675.00 
Horsehair mosquero black & white1132 $40.00 
Horsehair mosquero brown & white1133 $40.00 
Lane Fox Show Saddle Pkg1102 $399.00 
Large strap with 25 bells1005 $160.00 
Liverpool jointed bit for driving1060 $45.00 
Liverpool straight draft driving bit1061 $45.00 
Mini eggbutt snaffle bit1119 $29.50 
Mini half cheek snaffle bit1120 $17.95 
Mini horse pelham bit1121 $36.99 
Mini size easy entry cart horse drawn Frontier Equestrian $399.00 
Mini western saddle1122 $199.00 
Miniature - pony size vis-a-vis $5,300.00 
Miniature horse dental speculum1112 $269.00 
Miniature Horse English saddle package1123 $199.00 
Miniature horse harness - leather show style1110 $129.00 
Miniature horse saddle pad1124 $28.99 
Neoprene Australian Saddle Girth1023 $40.00 
One Seat Sleigh by Robert Carriages $1,980.00 
Pair of shaft to body support brackets horse easy entry cart $35.00 
Pair of shaft to body support brackets mini easy entry cart $30.00 
Pony - Mini size easy entry driving cart1118 $399.00 
Portuguese saddle1136 $570.00 
Portuguese saddles-fancy stitch1138 $570.00 
Premium rump bells by Weaver Leather1006 $65.00 
Premium russet leather driving harness horse size $249.00 
Presidential Street Clock - cast aluminum1141 $1,600.00 
Quilted Australian Saddle Pad with Pockets1025 $35.00 
Quilted Australian saddle pad with pockets1026 $35.00 
Red suede Treeless saddle5036 $299.00 
Robert Carriages 1 Seat Trail Buggy $2,900.00 
Robert Carriages 10 foot Oak Trail Wagon $4,300.00 
Robert Carriages 16 Passenger Wagonette $6,500.00 
Robert Carriages 2 Seat Buggy $4,200.00 
Robert Carriages 2 Seat Surrey with Top $4,400.00 
Robert Carriages 2 Seat Trail Buggy $3,200.00 
Robert Carriages 4 passenger Wagonette $4,200.00 
Robert Carriages 4 seat surrey with top $6,500.00 
Robert Carriages 6 Passenger Wagonette $4,395.00 
Robert Carriages 8 Passenger Wagonette $4,900.00 
Robert Carriages Caisson - $4,200.00 - $4,500.00 
Robert Carriages Classic vis-a-vis wedding carriageRoberts classic vis-a-vis $6,295.00 
Robert Carriages Cross Country Buggy $3,400.00 
Robert Carriages Doctor's Buggy with top $4,250.00 
Robert Carriages Draft Horse Hitch Wagon $9,200.00 
Robert Carriages Mini Miniature Horse Hitch Wagon $5,300.00 
Robert Carriages mini miniature horse Meadowbrook cart $1,200.00 
Robert Carriages mini miniature horse Oak Trail Wagon $1,350.00 
Robert Carriages Poni Size Hitch Wagon $5,500.00 
Robert Carriages pony or mini wagonette & team pole $3,900.00 
Robert Carriages Premium Show Cart $1,800.00 
Robert Carriages Special Edition 4 Horse Hitch Wagon $15,000.00 
Robert Carriages Three Quarter Hitch Wagon $7,400.00 
Robert Carriages Wagon Ride $4,200.00 
Roberts Carriages 3 Seat Surrey with canopy $6,090.00 
Roberts Carriages vis-a-vis limousineRoberts Carriages vis-a-v $6,300.00 
Roberts Carriages Voiture vis-a-vis wedding carriageRoberts Carriages Voiture $5,350.00 
Shafts for mini size easy entry cart - 48" $95.00 
Show or Parade Scotch Collar Housing $295.00 
Single tree for horse size easy entry cart $35.00 
Spanish bridle with mosquero1139 $95.00 
Spanish saddle-by Ascot International1140 $570.00 
Speeder Sleigh by Robert Carriages $1,900.00 
Super heavyweight leather harness for Mini Horses $225.00 
The Cinderella Carriage by Roberts Carriages $11,600.00 
The Commander dressage saddle1103 $299.00 
The Frontier Equestrian Marathon Carriage - Blue and Silver $3,600.00 
The Frontier Equestrian Marathon Carriage Black & Silver $3,600.00 
The Stockrider premium Australian stock saddle1028 $295.00 
The Victoria by Roberts Carriages $5,200.00 
Treeless Dressage Leather - premium leatherDRT30 $399.00 
Treeless Saddle - Forest Green $299.00 
Ultimate brown Western draft Horse Show Saddle $849.00 
Ultimate draft horse riding saddle1075 $329.00 
US made beta horse - haflinger buggy harness & hames $398.00 
US made Draft Horse Diamond Spot Show Harness $795.00 
US made Heavy biothane beta single harness1011 $675.00 
USA made Biothane single draft harness1010 $549.00 
USA made draft horse team parade harness1008 $1,490.00 
USA made mini miniature horse beta harness collar & hames $450.00 
Vis-a-vis sleigh by Robert Carriages $3,495.00 
Wade tree tooled western saddle 4012 $399.00 
Wheel and tire for mini size easy entry cart 20 inch $59.00